How to order your lunch effectively

A programmer's solution to an age-old problem


I like food

I eat food

I eat with other people

Sometimes too many people ;)

Where do I go

A great place called LBQ (Little Beer Quarter)

It has good beer, and great food

It also has 2 for 1 Tuesdays :P

What has that got to do with price of bread?

Bread is on the menu...

But sometimes I go with lots of others (18), and lunch takes a long time to get to me

So... What does that actually mean?

I eat with programmers

Someone thought a bot could be a good idea

Someone else made one

I now maintain it

How does it all work?

IRC bot, writting in Python, using Twisted

Users in the channel send in their order via special commands

When everyone has ordered, send in order

Lunch arrives quickly

What can it do?


Questions? Live Demo?


BY Hugh Davenport <>